Project Design

Design Stage

Architects are usually involved in the design and refurbishment of the home from the start of the project. The industry standard drawing package is a software program called AutoCAD.


We at D&T Electronics believe it is important to be able to utilise all of the relevant trades and standards that are used whilst a project is being undertaken. It gives us the tools to be able to accurately talk and be part of the design process. We use the AutoCAD drawings and add the system design layout onto these. This helps us finely tune the customer’s requirements and inform all the involved trades with the client’s aims.

Project Management

We prefer to be involved in all aspects of the project. One important factor is the time scale. We use Gant charts to help us organise the planning of the project. We like to make regular checks on the development to ensure all the relevant cabling is being run to the correct points about the house. Equally there are times when additional requirements are desired by the client. We can advise if this is possible and what the best solution would be.

Equally as important, is for the client to be dealing with one person throughout the project. The project manager would liase with the client on all aspects of the project and he/she would be responsible for making sure all relevant groups/parties are up dated with any changes made during the project.

Customer Hand Over

Customer hand over is as it suggests, is the final stage of the project.

Prior to the final hand over the system would be setup and programmed to a usable level i.e. the system would be as user friendly as possible and offering the client the opportunity to experiment with the system. At a later stage D&T would finalise the systems user interface.

In our extensive experience, this has proven to be the key to the success of our installations.

In addition we offer a maintenance contract that offers added piece of mind.

Hands white backgroundAfter Sales Support

Guarantee or warranty, it is important to outline the difference between these.

Guarantee:- A manufacturers guarantee usually lasts for a minimum of a year and covers the parts and labour for a products repair if it were to fail during this 1st year period. Most manufacturers will replace an item if it were to fail within a three month period.

Warranty:- A manufacturers warranty will cover the cost of spare parts needed to repair the unit but the labour cost will be passed onto the client.

Both Guarantees and warranties offer a return to base cover i.e. the client would have to return the product to the supplier, namely D&T so that we can return the faulty product to the manufacturer for repair.

We at D&T understand the complexities of the systems we offer and that the clients usually do not have the time to return these items to us if they fail. We currently offer a comprehensive cover or maintenance contract to our clients at time of installation so that if due to the unlikely event of a product failing, we would come to site to assess the faulty product, return it to the manufacturer for repair/replacement, and finally return it to site, re-install and test it.

You can view our standard maintenance agreement as a pdf file

>>> CLICK HERE to download our Standard Maintenance pdf

You will need Abobe Reader installed on your computer to read this file. If you do not have it installed already then click the Acrobat Logo to download it free.


Furniture Designed to fit your needs

Are you tired of seeing masses of audio and video equipment, or perhaps happy to see some or all of it but need a really effective way of organising the components and access?

Neat installations sound better and are more reliable. Masses of spaghetti-like wires and power leads can be detrimental to your equipment as well as potentially hazardous. D&T Electronics now has a solution to ensure your system is neat and well organised.

Through our partnership with highly experienced craftspeople, we are able to offer a bespoke cabinet making service so you can see as much or as little of your system as you want. Whether you need a full design and production service or simply require a design of you own to be built, we can help.

A wide range of veneers and inlays can be used to ensure that your cabinets fit in perfectly with the surroundings.

As part of this custom design service, a lifting mechanism can be installed allowing equipment such as plasma televisions to be raised and lowered as required, meaning it is invisible unless in use.


We regularly work with developers and trades people such as electricians, painters, decorators and carpenters which needless to say (but we will), have given us great insight into time scaling and project management. It is essential we are involved at the planning stage, since we tend to have several projects running at any one time. We have started having our electricians put in a 3 Phase Power because it helps save electricity and is more efficient.

As you may have experienced within you own trade, time scales can vary and projects can be held up for numerous reasons.

>>> CLICK HERE to download our Gant Chart pdf.

This can help guide all concerned with the over all time scale. We have found this to be a valuable tool and advocate its use, we will even project manage the majority of the job and keep all concerned up to date with the latest developments

You will need Abobe Reader installed on your computer to read this file. If you do not have it installed already then click the Acrobat Logo to download it free.