Lighting Control Made Easy Having a custom designed and installed lighting system can greatly improve the ambiance of your home. However, controlling a system which comprises many separate, dimmable lights can become frustrating if there is not a well designed, user-friendly control system.

lighting combined

D&T can design and install a system of structured lighting control to make life easier. The system is surprisingly simple, with the control buttons labelled to your own requirements.

The system allows you to select from pre-set lighting levels (‘scenes’) to suit the situation; entertaining, eating a meal, watching TV etc. For example, if you are watching a film and prefer to have a cinema-style level of lighting, you just have to press the button marked ‘cinema’ and the lights will dim to your preferred level. Suitable wiring is required to achieve this level of control so it is preferable to install such a system during refurbishment or new building work. If there is a security system within the home, the system will happily interface with it. If there is no security system or as an addition to one, the controller has a provision to recall the previous weeks usage of lighting and reproduce it as an added precaution while you are away. This gives the natural patterns of use one would only find from truly replayed usage.