Home Cinema

We offer a comprehensive design facility for Audio, Projection and Home Cinema projects.

fn-cinema Our aim is not only to recreate that spine tingling cinema experience, but to do it in a manner sympathetic to your home environment. If you wish to recreate your local cinema in your living room, we can help! However, if you would like a more discrete set-up in your Georgian Drawing Room without a speaker or screen in sight then our design team can come up with a solution with little compromise to the sound and / or picture quality. As well as the latest cinema audio technologies such as Dolby Digital, THX Ultra 2 and DTS, we can offer video projection systems including front and rear projection solutions.


As we are not a retailer, but a dedicated custom electronics installation company, we are able to choose the best systems on the market to provide a bespoke product specific to your performance requirements. All equipment is set-up and tested in our workshops, with the majority of the testing and programming done before we set foot in your home.


fn-cinemaA well designed Multi-room Hi-Fi system can provide you with almost limitless audio possibilities. The essence of the system is that all your equipment is hidden away, with your software (CDs Tapes etc.) stored centrally on a computer hard disc player. Music can be accessed from any chosen room by simply pressing a button on a keypad or remote control. The level of quality can also be chosen to be anything from back ground music to a close reproduction of the London Philharmonic in your living room. Speakers can either be freestanding, built into joinery or fixed into a wall or ceiling for the ultimate in discretion . A flexible wiring system allows for a modular design. This means a house can be cabled relatively inexpensively and the wiring later used to provide music in any room. There are a number of manufacturers of multi-room audio and video equipment and we can select the most appropriate products to provide you with a high quality and cost effective solution. These systems cater for expansion, that is to say, initially 1 room can be connected to the structured cabling, and when costs allow expanded to 4, 8, or 16 rooms, in fact there are systems that will allow up to 128 rooms. More over each room can choose from more than 3 source components i.e. radio, CD, DVD, Sky.


The systems that we cater for are as suitable for the professional market as they are for the home. In fact, there are plenty of our client’s homes that are more sophisticated than the majority of most small to medium businesses. The cross over between the home and office has disappeared. Both now have networks, projectors and distributed audio-video, door entry and security. There are differences, usually cost, size of the project and dead lines. As long as these are initially discussed we would be in a position to either take on the project or suggest alternatives.