Code of Practice

D&T Electronics agree to adhere to the following principles and ethics.

To develop and encourage high standards of service and conduct of designers and installers of electronic systems for the home;
To acquire, preserve and distribute data and other valuable business information relative to the business and industry of home electronic systems;
To promote high standards of integrity, business ethics and professionalism by and among all those engaged in the design and installation of electronic systems for the home;
To promote the activities of the industry to architects, interior designers, home builders and ultimately consumers, in order to strengthen and develop the standing and economic health of the industry’
To promote and expand the educational opportunities available to all levels of the management and employees in the industry, in order to further the professional, business, management and technical design and installation skills of all involved in the industry;
To promote and improve the communications and exchange of information and assistance between and among all segments of the industry;
To do all other things necessary and expedient for the administration of the affairs and the attainment of the purposes of the association.

Charities We Support|

University of Nottingham| Project Kagiso

As a company we have supported the University to build a nursery in the rural South African Province of Limpopo. Our sponsoring them helped to buy the students the materials they needed to build this wonderful nursery school for the children. Please take a look at the final build in the video below:


Shine| Spinal bifida charity

We as a company have sponsored a wheelchair race helping support the charity in their crucial urology, stoma care and personalized pharmaceutical delivery service.